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Na de Franse en Nederlandstalige editie van het boek ‘Genoeg ! … Gooi het eens over een andere boeg’, is er nu een vraag uit Londen om een Engelstalige versie op de markt te brengen.

From where ?

When he came across the word “bitzuist” used in the popular language of Tel Aviv, Jean Mossoux began to think about what became “Succeed through parables“. A “bitzuist” is “someone aged 17 to 97 who makes things happen” in every area of life. To call someone a bitzuist is to pay her or him a high compliment. She thinks on her feet and realizes her dreams. He is a doer.

Bitzuists share four talents:

  • with growing self-confidence, they carry out their vision in daily life,
  • they relate to people and make others enthusiastic,
  • they love the product/service for which they work,
  • they increasingly activate better the immaterial – but real – interactions between those three characteristics.

Behaving in those ways, bitzuits are outstanding and exemplary.

How ?

Because of the natural link with Saint Matthew’s parable of the Talents which honors doers Jean Mossoux uses the perennial wisdom of this historical personality who wrote more than twenty parables pronounced by Jesus of Nazareth. Saint Matthew is the author of sentences that are well-known across the world like :

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matt 6.21)
Everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds. (Matt 7.8)
In the same way you judge others, you will be judged. (Matt 7.2)

Why ?

Jean Mossoux brings very practical inputs in his exploration of fifteen parables in relation to the “bitzuism”. His discoveries constitute a simple, flexible tool for people searching for the meaning in many areas of life, including parenting.
This book will be definitely useful for leaders and educators. It will enable them to foster a sense of mission for themselves and for all who live with them.

Easy to read, “Succeed through parables“ is a refreshing glance at stories we thought we knew.
With this book we feel good and stronger.
Searching high and low, the book wonders if Matthew will solve the mystery of the parables and if they are useful for becoming a bitzuist.

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